Defining “Healthy”


@thebirdspapaya has inspired another post after having @_bopo_mama_ on as a guest. They spoke about the body positive movement and the struggles that many face. ⁣

There was one part of the podcast that not only resonated with me but brought back a memory from my pregnancy. ⁣

The two spoke about their experiences of going to the doctor and how doctors are the first to be fatphobic… it’s a very sad and scary truth. ⁣

When I was about 4-5 months pregnant I went in for my monthly check up. Every appointment you have to weigh yourself before you meet with the doctor which is then followed by other tests like my blood pressure, measurements and Huntly’s heartbeat. After all that the doctor proceeded to make the comment ⁣

“You gained extra weight this last month. Too much weight.” ⁣

The conversation didn’t end there either. This doctor proceeded to badger me about my weight gain that month without actually asking me about my day to day health routine. Then told me she was putting a note on my file to watch my weight. She never asked if I exercise. Do I eat balanced? How is the rest of me feeling? What do I do for work? ⁣

I felt completely shamed. I walked into that appointment excited to hear my baby’s heartbeat and be one step closer to meeting my little man to leave feeling extra fat (cause you already feel big enough being pregnant) ashamed and hard on myself. But after that pain and negative thoughts passed I was left with a sense of anger. I’m healthy. I cook every meal, pack lunches and snacks, I workout and walk my dog and I’m a server in a restaurant. I am way more active than your average person and can say confidently I eat better than your average person as well. But I also was never a super skinny person. I have shape, and curves and thick thighs. ⁣

If I was shamed by this doctor for literally gaining 10lbs one month compared to the 5 lbs I was supposed to, I can’t even imagine what others go through. And even worse, to be judged purely off of the number on the scale rather than my actual health. It’s wrong. It’s unhealthy and not a best practice from our medical professionals. Let’s be the change. {photo of me @ 4 months pregnant}