Everything happens for a reason & you’re the best reason ever


I was clueless to know, that in less than a year I’d be a mom to my baby boy. ⁣

That in less than a year my world would change as I know it. ⁣

That in less than a year, something as simple as getting groceries has to be meticulously planned and thought out and is no longer a spontaneous quick trip. ⁣

That in less than a year my heart would grow bigger than I could ever imagine. ⁣

That in less than a year sleeping 8 hours straight for the first time in months sends chills down my spine and makes me race to my babies nursery to ensure he’s okay. ⁣

But I also didn’t know that in less than a year, the best thing in the world would happen to me. That a little smile would make my heart burst. That seeing my little boy hold his head, rollover, jump, rattle his toy & chatter away would bring a sense of pride and joy that is completely indescribable. ⁣

Life is so funny. No matter how much you plan it always sends you curve balls. But I am a true believer in the cliche quote of “everything happens for a reason” & Huntly has been the best reason to ever happen.