This is my PP Journey


This is my postpartum journey.


These photos were taken exactly 1 year apart. The first being weeks after getting home from our honeymoon last year (in my shirt) & the second being taken 6 weeks post partum (in my husbands shirt).


I struggled a lot with my image & body weight during pregnancy in these first 6 weeks of recovery.

I’ve come to love my body again.

It doesn’t look the same.

It looks a little tired,

a little stretched out,

a little wider.

But it’s also stronger.


It provides the nutrients my baby needs to live all day everyday.

It grew life.

It recovered from major surgery.


It’s hard to love every imperfection.

I’m only human.

But every day I’m working towards that.


You know what? I feel GOOD.

I feel the happiest I have ever felt.

I’m learning new things about myself and my amazing body every day.


So, please, embrace yourself.

Embrace your body.

Embrace life as it changes.