5 months PP x2


5 month postpartum update! ⁣

I know I did a post not too long ago about my health. I went over my most recent doctors visit and what came of that. ⁣

I want to document my progress each month though, so it’s important to me to give this update- I’ll keep it short though!⁣

🔸Since getting the prescription nasal spray last Thursday I haven’t had the need for breath right strips! This was a huge milestone for myself! ⁣

🔸I’m not sure if it’s because I’m breath right free; but I am now sleeping a lot deeper and waking up feeling more rested and full of energy! ⁣

🔸My headaches are gone ⁣

🔸My knee pain is here for the long term unfortunately. But it does seem to be getting better. I’m hoping is the plant based diet as I’ve read multiple studies/cases of a plant based diet reversing arthritis or minimizing the symptoms⁣

🔸My body seems to have finally stopped hoarding everything I’m eating 😅 although still fighting through swollen intestines and constipation I did finally see a change on the scale and in my measurements⁣

🔸I am definitely becoming more comfortable in my new skin & changed body. It has taken some time but I’m getting there! ⁣

It’s a relief to be making forward progress in my recovery. It was really nice to visit my doctor and spend the time to check over everything and understand what I can do to help aid my body. I honestly feel like if I’m not doing absolutely everything in my power to help my body then I don’t have the right to complain about it’s slow progress. If we have the control to make things better, why wouldn’t we take that opportunity?