5 months PP


Hi there! ⁣

Because I know everyone is super into my postpartum updates and the health struggles I have been facing I thought I would give an update 🙃

I went for a bunch of blood work about 2 weeks ago and just went for a full physical exam with my doctor this morning. ⁣

Here’s the symptoms I’ve faced either throughout pregnancy until now or from the birth of Huntly to now: ⁣

* pain and swelling in knees ⁣
* Problems with breathing through my nose at night ⁣
* Severe bloating after eating (stomach grows up to 3 times it’s size by the end of the day) ⁣
* Constipation (since Huntly was born!) ⁣
* Lower back pain ⁣
* Short of breath after small tasks (like walking up the stairs) ⁣
* Weight gain ⁣
* Swelling in abdomen ⁣
* Severe headaches daily ⁣
* Fatigue (I chopped this up as being a new mom) ⁣

From the blood work we discovered I am quite anemic. I have since started taking an iron supplement and this has helped with some knee pain, my headaches are completely gone and my energy levels are at least triple what they were (so it wasn’t all Huntly‘s fault) ⁣

From the physical exam we discovered that I have early onset arthritis in my knees 😩

We also learned my blood pressure is low (I need more sodium in my diet apparently!) ⁣

My large intestine is swollen causing the constipation and swelling of the stomach. My liver is also swollen also causing swelling in my abdomen. ⁣

My gallbladder didn’t excrete everything it needed after I had Huntly and the extra “sludge” as my doctor referred to it is just sitting there causing bloating after I eat. ⁣

My doctor said he’s not concerned, most of my symptoms are postpartum related but there are a few that are “more concerning” that we are looking at further. ⁣

I have a CT scan booked along with a pelvic and abdominal ultra sound to look further along with a couple other life lab tests that I won’t get into 😅

He has also suggested I work with a dietician to find the best diet for my postpartum recovery as it seems to be going quite slowly. ⁣

thnx for tuning in ✌🏻