Diet Season


Well it’s that time of the year again…⁣

Diet season. The idea “new year, new you” is shoved down your throat you feel like you’re choking on the words. ⁣

Everywhere you turn you’re being told (&/or reminded) you overate over the holidays. You lost track of your goals. Now is the time to restart. Now is the time to start that diet. Now is the time to sign up for some program. ⁣

Cut carbs. Cut sugar. Cut fat. Cut happiness. ⁣

You scroll through Facebook and there are ads. You switch to Instagram, more ads. You hop onto Twitter…MORE ads. Pinterest, web browser, TV… but it doesn’t stop there. You have your closest friend, your family members and maybe your significant other all talking about it too. ⁣

You feel like there’s no escape. I’m sorry. I’m sorry we’ve created this diet culture. I’m sorry I have participated and helped it grow into the thriving business (<— because that’s all it is). ⁣

2020 is about choosing what I want for my body. This year is about enjoying every curve, every stretch mark, every extra roll and all my cellulite.⁣

It’s about living each day happy, fulfilled and confident. Not letting others dictate my happiness. Not letting diet culture dictate my worth. ⁣

You are worthy. You are beautiful. Eat that burger (or vegan burger) if it makes you happy and get the fries if you’re craving them. Your fulfillment won’t come from restriction and shame. But from balance in your day, love of your self & pure happiness.