Emergency C-Section


One thing that’s bothered me most about my postpartum story is the lack of education I received. Regarding both planned and unplanned c- sections.

With a planned c-section you’re at least given time to think up questions, come up with concerns and do some of your own research. But an emergency c-section is called an emergency for a reason.

There is no time to educate the new parents on this sudden and very major change to the birth they were picturing just moments ago. ⁣

Being 6 months postpartum now I’m really starting to get pissed off (for lack of a better word). Every birth class, breastfeeding class, hospital tour & doctor visit I was told that 30% of pregnancies end up delivering by emergency c-section. There would be no further comments or discussion.

I decided this wasn’t good enough. I feel every mom has a right to understanding the lead up and recovery process for both all types of birth.

I decided to reach out to a couple mom groups on Facebook to ask them what they wish they were told or knew about having a c-section (both emergency and planned) and the recovery after. ⁣

I was overwhelmed with the number of responses…over 60 women shared their stories with me 😍🙏🏻 theses stories were so captivating and so unique to each mom & baby. ⁣

The one common denominator between us all…we all felt WAY under educated about the process even though a c-section is major surgery and one you’re awake for at that! ⁣

I can’t wait to share all the information I’ve gathered and to put this blog post up. I think this is the most excited I’ve been to write a post! ⁣

If you experienced a c-section and have some tips or a story to share I’d love to hear it to add to my growing list for future mamas of c-section births.