No Quit


It’s so funny how one minor set back can set you back a lot more than just a little bit. ⁣

As you know, i cut my hand while getting the pit out of an avocado 🥑 🤦🏼‍♀️ (this is apparently very common and I’m ashamed to be apart of the statistic.)⁣

This was a very minor incident. But it set me back quite a bit. I’ve finally hit a point of defeat. ⁣

In my mind I was telling myself, I’m doing everything I can. It’s defeating feeling like you’re giving something your all but seeing zero return from that hard work. And not for just a week or 2 of hard work. But months. ⁣

Then I felt like even with making zero forward progress I’m managing to get held back further by silly things like getting a bad cold and stabbing myself in the hand 🔪

I was throwing myself the biggest pity party. I could feel myself sinking deeper into the darkness of depression. ⁣

This is when you have to remind yourself this is the true test. If I want something then I have to continue even in the hardest parts to try. I have to continue to work towards the things I want. If I give up at the hardest part then all the universe is doing is showing me I didn’t want it bad enough. ⁣

So this post is to remind you that we al go through hard times. We all hit bumps in the road (and those bumps look different for everyone) and it’s okay to feel all the feelings. It’s okay to cry about it or hide away for a brief moment. But always remember to come out stronger. Remember why you are doing what you’re doing and keep doing it!