This is what makes me, me -not you or them


I am honestly getting so tired of the general population and everything that entails (business, governments, communities etc) telling everyone that if they do what works for them it will surely guarantee the same results for others. ⁣

It’s a guarantee that know one can ever make so why do we all always fall for it? ⁣
⁣And we all do fall for it, one way or another. ⁣

Can you tell I’m a tad triggered?? ⁣

I don’t know why I keep falling upon these fitness influencers who are pregnant who are promising that anyone can look like them if they put in the work. I can imagine for the influencers it can be frustrating when people make comments wishing to be as fit as them while pregnant or “bounce back” just as fast as them when they have put in the work. ⁣

I’m not taking their hard work away from them, I just hate that they are promising this false hope in women that can lead to some serious body image issues or eating disorders while pregnant or during postpartum. ⁣

I just know how much this affected me mentally during one of the most difficult, vulnerable and influential times in my life. ⁣

I felt like a failure that I struggled so much during pregnancy. When I was feeling my lowest, without enough energy to even walk up my stairs without getting winded and going pale. I would read comments telling me that I could look “this good” if I try hard enough. If I workout more. If I cut out certain foods and manage what I eat.⁣

But my reality was and is very different from others and I can finally understand and appreciate my journey and the hurdles I need/needed to get over. ⁣

They are what make me, me. Not you or them. ⁣

I dunno 🤷🏼‍♀️ random Saturday morning thoughts. ⁣

Happy weekend!