Pregnancy wasn’t what I expected.

Postpartum wasn’t what I expected.

I mean I did go through some of the “typical” motions of pregnancy.

It started with a missed period…then 2 then 3 (🤷🏼‍♀️) while simultaneously “pms-ing”. Lower back pain, acne, exhaustion (that got a lot worse), loss of appetite & morning sickness.

But then my sinuses got swollen. My knees started to hurt. I lost some feeling in my right heal. I got anxiety. I got depression. My hair grew like crazy. My nails got stronger. I couldn’t breathe.

It didn’t stop there. Huntly’s heart rate dropped on multiple occasions. I had contractions for over a week straight and ultimately had to go for a c-section.

I didn’t know anything about Caesarean section recovery. Nor was I prepared at all for it. I wasn’t told that there’s a higher chance of not loosing and/or gaining weight post partum. Or that my back would still hurt (going on 15 months now) and knees still be swollen. There’s so much more to this story though. So many more “symptoms” I have pushed out of memory. So many bizarre feelings that weren’t documented.

This is just my version of the pregnancy/post partum story. I didn’t get a lot of other symptoms that I know friends or family members went through. But I ended up with my own personalized variety pack.

The more we share the more we understand. The more we learn and can help others through their journey. That’s why I’m sharing my struggles. My daily life during such a change. I had a handbook of certain expectations I should carry with me during pregnancy and into post partum. Every woman who has carried a child (for any length of time) would know that’s crazy-there is no same pregnancy or post pregnancy journey. But if I can help the next soon to be mama by saying buy that pack of breath right strips if you’re sinuses are swollen…this can be an odd pregnancy symptom 😅