International Womens Day

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Happy international women’s day! 

You might be thinking it’s odd I’m sharing a photo of me and my son. 

Or maybe not because you know how obsessed I am with those cheeks 🤷🏼‍♀️

This was intentional though.

The fight for women is still an important one, more than ever right now.

Respect & equality — of all kinds for every being, starts in the home.

It’s my duty as a mom and parent to teach my son these values.

Remember that these tiny humans are watching our every move.

They’re watching how dad treats mom.

What expectations there are of mom and those of dad.

How we treat our parents, friends & family members.

How we talk about ourselves.

How we talk about others.

We can’t expect to celebrate women & feminism if we’re not celebrating it in our homes first.

To all the women in this world, thank you!

Thank you for giving your body up so selflessly to bare children.

For giving up your sleep to care for your families.

For fighting every 👏🏻 single 👏🏻 day 👏🏻 to just exist in a women’s body.

This list is truly endless of what all women do 💪🏻

Happy international women’s day you badass’ 👊🏻