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I’m ready for a #nojudgmentmovement. ⁣

We are all fighting for the causes that are important to us yet judge others for having different priorities or fighting for a different fight. ⁣

I’m not sure what sparked this in me; but I’ve really come to realize just how many people are sitting back looking down on others. ⁣

I first really noticed this when I was pregnant. For the most part, people know to not comment on what people are eating, how much they’re gaining/loosing, for the activities they’re doing etc. Yet the second a women becomes pregnant, everyone becomes an expert in pregnancy and to that mom’s personal health journey. ⁣

The second time I noticed an influx of judgment was when my husband and I decided to switch to a vegan diet. ⁣

What’s funny, is judgment came in a different way. I realized pretty fast that people seem to think I’m judging them, and are judging me for that fact. What?!? 🧐

The third time this became prevalent has been over the course of Huntly being earth-side. The parental judgment and shame that ensues from other parents…and people who are completely childless is insane. ⁣

These are just my top 3 current battles l’m fighting but there are obviously a million more. ⁣

From LGBTQ+, women’s rights and racism all the way to climate change, personal growth, education etc. ⁣

I’m honestly so tired of it. ⁣

I care that we live in a society where each individual feels happy and confident. There is no judgment. Because my journey is 100% different from yours. ⁣

Above people being kind, caring, empathetic and compassionate — you do you. ⁣

I will touch on this topic constantly. Share your stories. Listen to others. Be judgment free. ⁣

#nojudgmentmovement 🌈✌🏻