Stereotypical Vegan


Who said eating vegan was boring? ⁣

Or how about, just not filling enough? ⁣

I used to think this. Along with a lot of other classic stereotypical thoughts. ⁣

Yes, vegetables aren’t as filling as eating a chicken breast or 6oz sirloin. But you can eat a lot more! And not feel weighed down, tired and groggy. ⁣

This meal was made from leftovers. It was easy and fast to put together. ⁣

This meal was filling but just in case this doesn’t keep you full until dinner…this meal was only 377 calories which equates to around 19% of my daily caloric intake. ⁣

Leaving plenty of room for snacks or a fourth meal for the day.⁣

I will be honest. It only has 8g of protein. Which to a lot of people would make a great argument. ⁣

I recently learned that you don’t need all that protein they tell us about. Your daily protein needs is only 10% of your daily caloric intake. Professional athletes or people building muscle can increase this to 15-25%. Anything more has not been proven in studies to help or add any sufficient value. ⁣

All in all, this lunch was a win! 🤤