There’s been a lot of buzz around this. If I’m speaking honestly, I kind of expected it; who doesn’t like pasta?! ⁣
⁣If this were even 6 months ago you wouldn’t see me eating pasta on a weekday. I deemed it as a “cheat meal.” ⁣

High in carbohydrates. ⁣

High in calories. ⁣

Two things I would avoid Monday-Friday. ⁣

This may come as a big surprise to some, but my relationship with food and nutrition has become so much healthier over the past couple months we’ve been vegan. ⁣

I was stuck in the diet circle constantly cutting carbs. Good & bad. Why is an apple avoided by so many because they consider it to have too many carbohydrates; it’s an apple! 🍎) ⁣

I learned pretty early on if you’re eating plant-based whole foods 🌱 there’s no need to calorie count. ⁣

I eat when I’m hungry. Stop when I’m full. I don’t feel stuffed at the end of a meal. I don’t feel like napping after lunch. I actually am naturally eating less, even though most people are scared of never getting full off of a vegan or plant-based diet. ⁣

Many fad diets work to loose weight but are they working for your overall health? ⁣

One thing I was shocked by most after switching my diet was realizing I haven’t consumed any cholesterol. ⁣

Not even 1 milligram.

This lead me to research exactly what foods carry cholesterol. ⁣

I learned that cholesterol is only something you can get from eating animal bi-products. ⁣

Top 10 food with the highest levels of cholesterol:

🔸eggs ⁣
🔸Dairy products (Cheese, yogurt, milk, butter) ⁣
🔸Pork ⁣
🔸Lamb ⁣
🔸Shellfish ⁣
🔸Steak ⁣
🔸Organ meats (kidney, livers, hearts) ⁣
🔸Fried foods (burgers, mozzarella sticks, French fries) ⁣
🔸Processed meats (hotdogs, sandwich meat, sausages) ⁣
🔸Baked goods (added butter, eggs, sugar along with simple carbohydrates)⁣

Did you know that our bodies are capable of producing all of the “good” cholesterol our bodies need? ⁣

There’s no reason why we should be consuming cholesterol and it’s affects are only negative on our body.