Manifesting Your Dream


Its been a hot minute since I’ve written a blog post. This was something that used to stress me out a bunch but I’ve come to terms with the fact that this is just how I run my blog. Acceptance is critical, especially when it comes to accepting yourself.

But yeah, I’ve been busy! My therapist is always telling me I need to be more present and allow joy to come into my life. So while I’ve been super duper busy, Ive been simultaneously working on that. Being present and allowing joy. And you know what? My damn therapist was right, amazing things have been happening. Like truly amazing. 

Like so many, I started a spiritual journey in 2020. I feel as though for the first time ever, my blind fold has been lifted. I see so much clearer, its like a ginourmous breath of fresh air. Don’t get me wrong, this journey has been hella messy and uncomfortable most of the time. But I truly think I’m in such a different place right now. My beliefs are strong, I carry my own values now, I honour myself, I’m learning who I am and my curiosity is being met with an incredible amount of abundance to allow me to grow and thrive more. 

I think one of the things I was missing most from my life for a long time was faith. This word used to hold such weight when I spoke it. But now I understand it in the most profound way. You just gotta have faith. Faith that everything is going to be fine. Faith that you are taken care of and that you will take care of yourself. Faith that your wildest dreams can come true. Faith that you can see change and be the change. Faith in everything. Another good word I like to use with a similar meaning, is trust. Trust in yourself. Trust in the process. Trust that everything will be okay. 

We’re taught our place in this world, our worth within society as children. We’re guided toward what we’re good at but not necessarily what we love. We’re taught to stay within our economic class and never ask or want more. Its what keeps the capitalism pyramid a float. Because if you start believing you can have more and not only that, deserve more, you might just actually achieve it. 

This was an idea I couldn’t grasp for a long time. When I finally decided to question if this was really as good as life got is when an entire new door opened for me. I had to have faith and trust that 1) I wasn’t going completely nuts and loosing my mind 2) That somehow some way this would lead me and my family to even brighter happier days ahead. 

Well damn. 

Here I am. 

Writing this post. 

It obviously worked!

Because I’m here to say that I have tapped into my intuition. I am more connected to myself than I ever have been before. I am creating and bringing abundance into my life regularly. The key in all of this is to actually be able to enjoy it. To be present and actually allow myself to feel the joy of the abundance I am bringing into my life. 

So there you have it, the very long reasoning as to why I haven’t written a blog post in a while. Do you want to know what’s been keeping me so busy? 

If you follow me on instagram then you will already know. But if you don’t, we’ve been searching for a new family home since December 2020 and finally found THE ONE. The real estate market has been steadily rising in our area since summer 2020. We haven’t been in any sort of rush to move out of our current home but did decide that we were ready to casually start looking. We wanted a pretty unique property with what we wanted it to include or at least provide the right space to do what we wanted with it. 

What I love so much about our home search is that my husband and I talked all the time about what we felt the process would look like, where we thought the market would have to be, essentially we would map out time and time again the entire process. 

We knew we needed to catch  the market right as it was starting too cool to take optimal advantage on both the buy and sell. 

For some reason we knew we would find the house between June & July and have it close around October. 

We also somehow predicted that we would find a home that was overpriced, got caught sitting on the market for too long and swipe it up below asking and without having to get into multiple offers. 

These were just some of the aspects we predicted about our home search that actually came to fruition but there were so many more. Every time my husband and I have bought and sold real estate, we have trusted and followed our gut and intuition. We have never been lead astray. 

There were so many signs leading up to purchasing this home that made us feel so good about it. One of them being the fact that near the very end of the tour while standing in the pantry with my husband and father-in-law, I noticed a coffee can that said “Edwards Coffee.”

We had to stretch to the top of our budget to get this home but almost immediately after getting the home we have been continuously been gifted lower bills. Twice we received letters saying both our cars insurance is being cut down by more than 1/2 and another saying we’re done paying off our car. The timing was remarkable!

You gotta have faith. Let go and let the universe (or spirit/god/energy etc.) do it’s thing. 

The moment I started to let go, was the moment I started to see a shift in the energies coming into my life. Less negativity and scarcity and more positivity and abundance. 

We manifested our dream home. We brought everything into fruition. We saw the future and ran right towards it. This is an invitation for you to do the same. 


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