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A Detailed Guide on How-To Manifest

Often when we see how-to’s on manifestation you are presented with similar  suggestions like get specific, ask the universe for it, take action, have faith etc and those all are true, but I feel like the biggest first step is being forgotten. 

How does it work?

Manifestation is all about controlling the vibrational frequency you emit and matching it with the idea or thing you’re trying to manifest. But changing your vibrational frequency is one of those things that’s a lot easier said than done. 

It takes a ton of patience, self awareness and healing of any and all generational trauma and beliefs that don’t align and any other major blockages that may be stopping you from achieving your manifestation. 

Your Intentions

Another important factor to note; is that it’s easier to manifest when your intentions are good not only for yourself but for everyone else who may be affected. Again, it’s all about emitting the right energy. 

It’s Not A New Concept

This is an idea that we have been taught unconsciously throughout our lives. When you think about when something bad happens, then another thing, and then a third bad thing, people’s favourite thing to say is ‘well you know what they say, bad things happen in 3’s so hopefully this is the end!’ There’s two ways we could look at this; 

  1. Is it possible that these bad things keep happening because we were affected by the first bad thing. This changed our vibrational frequency to a lower vibration. You begin to align with lower vibrations therefore you will be surrounded by more lower vibrations 
  2. It often stops at 3 because we tell ourselves and believe it to be true that bad things happen in 3’s. So once the 3rd thing’s happened, we naturally switch to a higher vibrational frequency. We’re relieved we survived the “bad luck” and just have faith and knowing nothing more can or will happen. 
Understanding What Frequency Emotions Carry

With this you have to understand what frequency different emotions vibrate at. Desperation is a lower frequency. That’s why we again often hear that you find ‘the one’ when you’re not looking and have stopped looking. Because you’ve let go and embraced that you’re


happy now, and that’s a way higher vibrational frequency than wishing you had more. So you end up playing a bit of a game of wanting something, asking for it then letting it go because you’re grateful for what you do have.

This type of control takes so much time. Often we have emotional attachment to what we’re wishing for. In manifesting our dream home and creating the flow of events, we we’re simultaneously dealing with high stress, high emotion, high risk situations etc. which caused our nervous systems to respond in a stressed out survival manor, which is a lower vibration. 

Rather than See to Believe; You Have to Believe to See

This is where faith comes into play and why healing is such an important aspect to manifesting successfully. Anxiety, depression and trauma all affect the ability to have faith. You’re in a state of constant questioning, worry and fear. This is why we often see people on a spiritual journey at the same time or around the same time as a healing journey. They’re intertwined completely. 

It’s a knowing, an inner belief that everything will always be good and you will always be taken care of in all the ways you need and wish to be with no proof thats actually how the future will be. 

The second step is not questioning yourself. If you’re manifesting something or looking for clarity, when you feel like you suddenly have the answer, or chat with a friend and just felt really good about the conclusion or asked for a sign and receive it, don’t later discount it because you can’t believe it to actually be true. We are taught to only believe once we’ve seen. But true magic happens when we believe before we see, then watch that knowing come to fruition.

We can make anything happen; I know this because I’m living it. I’ve lived with anxiety and depression my entire life. My wildest dreams are coming true despite feeling like a failure and disappointment for most of my life. Taking back the control I lost so long ago. Finding true greater happiness and fulfillment. Understanding my dharma or purpose. Standing within the foundation I have built for myself with more confidence and peace than I have ever had before.



How To Manifest: 

Step One

Get specific. What do you want? How will this impact you, others and the universe/planet? Is it for the highest good of all? 

Step Two

Connect. You need to be connected to spirit or god or the universe (whatever calls to you). Walks in nature, meditation/praying, listening to your guides (or god) for downloads and ask for signs. Its easier for the universe to connect to you if you’re sending out a signal and meeting them halfway. Think about it from a technology standpoint. If I’m trying to connect my phone to a blue tooth speaker its a lot harder for the bluetooth speaker to connect to my phone (impossible) if the bluetooth connection is turned off on my phone. The same goes for connecting to the universe (spirit, god or Allah, creator etc.). They can try to connect and communicate with you all they want  but if you’re not tuned into their frequency then you won’t be able to connect.

Step Three

Work through any and all blockages. This will require you to go deep within yourself and work through your limiting beliefs. It will make you face whatever you’ve buried deep down so far trying to avoid pain. Because if you don’t work through your blockages then your gifts won’t be able to get through to you. You gotta heal.

Step Four

Work towards your manifestation. I think this one is the hardest for people. How often do you hear people say “I just need/want to win the lottery” then you ask them if they bought a ticket and they say they haven’t bought a ticket in years. You have to put in work to actually win the lottery by going out and buying a ticket, waiting for the draw and then checking your ticket. But its also important to note, that there’s always a higher plan. And if you set out to win the lottery, you have to get specific on what that actually looks like for you. It may not be a big lump sum of cash from the Lottery Board. You have to be open to receiving whatever is meant for you and let go of whatever isn’t meant for you. You can’t force yourself to win the lottery but you can make the process a lot easier for the universe to gift that to you if you put the work in to achieve the manifestation. We didn’t just wish for our dream home then do nothing about it. Together, we got our mortgage approval in place, started decluttering our home, booked showings and tours, got the marketing supplies in order to sell our home. Consistently, we put it out into the universe what we wanted and that we were willing to put the work in with or without help. 

Step Five

Practice gratitude and patience. One huge key to successful manifestation is being at peace and furthermore having gratitude for what you have and where you’re at. No matter where that is. Its finding the good in any situation and seeing everything as happening for you not to you. To recognize you have everything you need today and now. With gratitude it makes it easier to let go of your desires which in turn, helps the manifestation process. 

Step Six

Have faith. You have to believe that  you are taken care of. Everything that is in the highest good for you and others will come to fruition. If its doesn’t then it wasn’t meant for you. Accepting this ideal is also extremely important and sometimes hard to grasp. The universe knows what’s good for you and won’t ever leave you in a place you shouldn’t be. 

Step Seven

Receive. The last step is probably one of the hardest for people. This is why I say its important to heal any and all blockages before. When my husband and I first started our home search we came to learn we had some major blockages in our way. I came to realize that we would never get to where we wanted to go if we were just going to ignore these blocks. The biggest one was believing we were and are deserving of our wildest dreams and furthermore being proud of ourselves for being in a place where we can make them happen rather than living in shame. How can you receive something if you don’t feel you are deserving of it? You will only receive what you feel is meant for you. My husband and I  had to do a lot of shadow work in our personal lives and marriage through a lot of communication and therapy in order to come to a place of knowing. 

Our search started back in December and found our dream home in June. We are still right in the heat of the entire process as I write this. So it takes a ton of patience and again faith that it will all happen when in divine timing in the way it’s meant to. 

*Posted 2.5 months into living in said dream home*

My lessons from today’s view are this:

Even now that we have achieved one of our biggest materialistic goals we are still being tested. We’re still having to work on our blockages and do constant shadow work to know we are deserving, worthy and capable of maintaining this dream and staying aligned within it.

Its one thing to work towards your goal, its another to keep it and stay in alignment when you have it. The work never stops, because we never stop learning and growing.

I’d love to hear what you do to help manifest. Do you have any tried and true tricks to help you align with your highest self? Comment below. 


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