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3 Daily Rituals I Do To Keep my Mental Health in Check 

The holidays were hard, as they are for so many. After what was one of the hardest years I’ve faced to date, I think my mind just finally gave in. 

It wasn’t until I came across a TikTok (it’s always a TikTok) that I was suddenly brought back to awareness. 

Slowly, one by one I was dropping the tools in my mental health tool box until I got to a point of being completely in my old patterns and in a low place. 

The start of 2021 offered a lot of growth, change and expansion that really shifted how I’m showing up. I had to reflect back on that and recognize how much those tools were helping me. I wanted to start 2022 off on the same foot so I created some new habits to adopt that would help me overcome my daily anxiety and depression. They’ve been such a help that I wanted to share them with you all. 

Morning affirmations 

Seriously though. Speaking out loud, positive, empowering, motivating, encouraging words the very moment you wake up will set the tone for the day. 

What’s important to note, is that you have to do it consistently. Don’t look for instant gratification or instant change. Saying your affirmations once or even for just a week and stopping because you don’t feel there’s a point or it’s making a difference won’t get you very far. 

The thing about affirmations is you might not believe what you’re saying or maybe don’t feel it makes a difference. But staying consistent over time will show you just the opposite. 

A suggestion I can make to combat that and to stay motivated is to record yourself saying them in the mirror every day. After a month see how different you are from day one to day 31. Guaranteed you’ll become a believer. 

I created this lock screen so I have a place where I can always easily find my affirmations. I created affirmations specific to what I feel I need to hear, say and believe.  Feel free to save the photo below and create an album on your phone, favourite it or make it a Lock Screen as a way to have easy access to them. 

Or alternatively you can create your own on Instagram, Canva or I use studio. 

Create a daily list 

Being a stay at home mom and living with anxiety and depression makes for a perfect cocktail of not feeling worthy, accomplished and always feeling like you never get anything done. 

I always felt a task list or scheduled day would give me more anxiety, but it does the complete opposite. The night before I write out the things I’d like to accomplish the following day. 

Some tasks are daily tasks, some are minor, some big. But no matter what, they all need to get done. 

Once I’ve completed a task I move it down to a “completed” section. That way at the end of the night or end of the week, I’m able to look back and see all that I accomplished. 

This has allowed me more freedom in my day, more efficiency and just overall I feel way more accomplished. I’m also able to show up more fully for Huntly by planning sensory activities, crafts and other things as well as allows me to be more present with my husband as I don’t have a million things going on in my mind while spending time with him. 

I also make sure I task myself with self care things daily, from workouts, stretches, mediations, journaling, blogging, TV time etc. i truly feel I’m able to show up more fully for every member of my family including myself. 

Living Intuitively

For so many, myself included, our intuition is quieted, we’re taught to not trust our deep inner knowing. And this affects every aspect of our human experience. 

Living intuitively means that I’m turning down the volume of society and turning up the volume for my own inner knowing. 

I’m letting go of all rules society has put on me about what it means to “eat healthy” or live a healthy life style. If I want a donut on a Wednesday, I’ll eat a donut on a Wednesday (and not punish myself with an intense workout after). In the event that I planned to workout but I’m feeling drained, then I listen to my body and change plans.  

If I’m hungry, I listen, when I’m full, I listen, when I’m energized, I listen…I think you get the point. Rather than living by the word “should” 

“I should….workout” 

“I should… eat more vegetables” 

“I shouldn’t… eat that” 

I’m going to live by how I feel, do I feel like a workout will energize me or deplete me? 

Is my body showing signs of neglect, like bloating, constipation acne and body pain (all signs I’m neglecting myself) or did I just eat foods that society tells me I need to feel shame and punish myself for? 

Why *shouldn’t* I eat that? 

Rather than being hard on myself based around rules that were designed to keep us small, quiet and ashamed, I’m choosing to listen. 

Maybe I need a day of donuts and chips for my mental health and my physical health can take the backseat for that day. That’s okay! I’m not in this life for short term fixes. I’m here to live a  l o n g  healthy and balanced life in a way that’s designed for my personal best, not the idea of ‘best’ designed by some stranger. 

This is a Start

If you often wake up without excitement, and maybe even a little dread (dare I say). Feelings of overwhelm and pressure take over your body, then these daily rituals will be sure to help support you. They’re not going to solve all your problems and its still important to go to therapy (if you can afford it), get support, talk to friends, meditate, journal and ground yourself. But these daily practices have helped me tremendously and I truly believe they can and will help you too. Consistency is key when it comes to anything, but especially our mental health.

Be sure to also give me a follow on instagram if you don’t already. I go into detail about my mental heath and things I’ve learned along this journey.


Peace ✌🏻&  love ❤️

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