Cycle Syncing

📣 C Y C L E  S Y N C I N G 📣 

I’m so excited to start this journey with you all. I’ve been learning about cycle syncing with the 4 phases for a few years now along with the menstruating persons connection to the moon 🌙 

When I got pregnant with our first son, I was constantly surprised and amazed at how little I knew about my own body. Once I had that realization, it was like all hell broke loose and I had a huge thirst for knowledge around how ✨I actually✨operate as a female identifying person. 

The first step I took was investing the time and space towards actually seeing what I’m up to each day in each month. I tracked that puppy pretty meticulously for 2+ years. Of course I have been motivated by other aspects as well, like trying to expand our family and going through the process of having two miscarriages back to back, which you can read about here

But all these experiences have taught me ✨so✨ much. I have so much information jam packed into this post. But I thought I’d first start with this base…

Menstruating people operate on a 28 day and 24 hour cycle. Non menstruating people  only operate on a 24 hour cycle. 

Within the 28 day cycle (this is the average but it varies person to person – mine is actually 30-32 days long) there are 4 phases. 

  1. Menstruation – first day of your period is first day of your cycle. If you’ve been pregnant before, you probably know this as this is the first question they ask you. 
  2. Follicular – after period 
  3. Ovulatory – the possibility of conception  
  4. Luteal – leading up to period 


During each of these cycles our hormones are constantly changing. Some spiking and others dropping at any given time. As they shift and change, so should the way you eat, exercise, socialize and work. Working with these four phases can help you optimize your highs and rest for your lows. It can decreases your inflammation, give you more energy, allow you to socialize and work better and more efficiently and so on. 


What is  C Y C L E  S Y N C I N G ? !

Cycle syncing is the practice of aligning your diet, exercise and lifestyle habits with your menstrual cycle. By working with your cycle you’re supporting your body and mind throughout different hormonal shifts. In turn you can lessen not only your PMS symptoms but symptoms throughout the entirety of your cycle like brain fog, inflammation, cravings, physical pain, acne, anxiety, depression and so on… 

Non menstruating persons operate on a 24 hour cycle while menstruating people operate on 24 hour and 28 day cycle. Men’s testosterone increases throughout the night, allowing them to wake in the morning with tons of energy, creativity and motivation. It slowly decreases throughout the day leaving them tired and ready to rest by around 3 or 4 pm. Everyday is relatively the same and predictable. Menstruating people cannot say the same. Every day in their cycle is different. Some days and weeks you need to rest and recharge, and others you have tons of energy. 

Tracking your cycle is imperative to true hormonal health and understanding. Knowing when you feel tired and slow versus when you feel quick on your feet and excited, or when you break out or get lower back pain, maybe feel more on edge or depressed versus happy and full of life. I suggest tracking your cycle for a minimum of 6 months to really dive in and see what affects you, how and when. 

The Four Phases

The menstrual cycle has 4 phases and each phase requires different foods, movements and socialization. 

  1. Menstruation: 3-7 days, estrogen, LH & progesterone all decline. Rest and downtime is important. Practice low impact movement. Increase Iron and zinc, smoothies, soups, stews, electrolytes, elixirs.
  2. Follicular: 7-10 days long, estrogen and testosterone start low and slowly increase. Energy is high, great time to get organized and socialize. High impact workouts like HIIT, weightlifting and cardio. Flaxseed and pumpkin seeds, soy fermented foods 
  3. Ovulation: 2-4 days long, LH spikes, libido is at its highest 😏, prone to bloating, stepping back from simple carbohydrates, high protein and fat intake. Still lots of energy, vinyasa flow or a high intensity walk is good along with weightlifting and HIIT.
  4. Luteal: 10-14 days long, FSH & LH, estrogen and testosterone all decrease.  Progesterone rises until conception and will either continue if you’re pregnant or will start to decrease if you are not. Get lots of sleep and prioritize rest. B vitamins, calcium, magnesium and fibre will help with symptoms like water retention. Low impact movement like Pilates, yoga and walks in nature. Root vegetables, ginger, garlic, peppermint, brown rice. 




 🌙 M O O N  C Y C L E  S Y N C I N G 🌙⁣

What is the link between the divine feminine and the moon and how are cycles are connected?⁣

⁣The average cycle of a moon is 29.5 days, very similar to a menstruation cycle. Where as you look at the sun and it’s on a 24hour cycle, just like non menstruating people. For millennia it’s been thought that the moon is connected to the divine feminine and the sun connected to the divine masculine. ⁣

⁣Our ancient ancestors natural rhythm  was to menstruate under the new moon and ovulate under the full moon. This came naturally as they lived under the natural light, were taught to understand their cycles and connection through stories. In todays age we have too many things influencing our cycle. From artificial light to the foods we eat and the lack of awareness we have regarding our own bodies our cycles have started to shift out of alignment. But further to all this, where your cycle is in conjunction to the moon can give you insight as to where you are in your life. ⁣

Menstruation —> new moon —> white moon —> winter 

Follicular —> Crescent moon —> pink moon—>  spring

Ovulation —> full moon —> red moon —> summer

Luteal —> waning moon —> purple moon —> fall ⁣

What is the Moon & your cycle telling you? ⁣

Menstruation —> new moon —> white moon —> winter ⁣

Just like winter, it’s a time for solitude, introspection, silence and rest. You’re more sensitive which allows more of a connection to your intuition. When you menstruate on a white moon it means you’re connected to the fertility of the earth ⁣

Follicular —> Crescent moon —> pink moon—>  spring ⁣

Just like when you think of spring and it’s connection to rebirth and renewed energy the follicular phase is the same! It’s the transition between winter and summer, dark & light. Using this time to plan for “summers” return so you’re ready. When you menstruate on a pink moon it often means your transitioning in life into change and letting go of what no longer serves you.

Ovulation —> full moon —> red moon —> summer ⁣

This is the time when menstruating people are most fertile, but not just when it comes to baby making, fertile in every aspect of life from relationships, work life, personal development, which leads to this phase being radiant, full of energy, life and vitality. Just like summer, think party time 🥳 when you menstruate on a full moon you’re known to be a wisdom seeker, teacher, shaman. Could be a sign to develop your consciousness. ⁣

Luteal —> waning moon —> purple moon —> fall ⁣

Similar to the follicular/crescent moon/spring phase, this is a transition phase. But opposite to spring which is increasing your energy, during this phase your energy is decreasing and getting ready for winters arrival (menstruation). This is the best time to heal and work on personal growth. When you menstruate on a purple moon its also a transitional phase but it requires you to look inward, go quiet and shed what no longer serves you. 


Some amazing infographics I found by other creators

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