So….Who am I and what’s the blog about?

I was 6…maybe 7. Straight blonde hair spilling over my shoulders as I turned and looked back at my mom who was a blurry silhouette through my tears. She through her hand up in the air and mustered up the best smile she could and waved goodbye. I waved back then looked towards the lady who was waiting patiently a few steps ahead; she had long brunette hair that was tied back in a tight ponytail, wearing a navy blue pencil skirt and a blazer with the red logo to symbolize “Air Canada” on her left shoulder. The lady extended her arm and I reached for her hand and we walked towards the gates. There was a lanyard hanging from my neck with the letters “UM” written on the tag; indicating I was an “unaccompanied minor.

I was born in Lasalle, Quebec; when my parents split up my mom moved back to her home (Vancouver, British Columbia) but this time with a new roommate (me). From the age of two I have been flying back and forth from Vancouver to Montreal and started flying solo at the age of 5 (up to a 6 hr flight each way) yearly. I’ll admit, some years I HATED getting on that plane alone, but jump forward; I have never been more grateful to have had such an opportunity like I had starting at such an young age and continuing to be apart of my life forever. I can say without a doubt I was truly born with the travel bug.

So… the blog?

After 13 years of mandatory school and 3 years of post secondary (for myself specifically) you learn so much when it comes to math, english, history, science etc. What we don’t realize is that our education is focused towards starting and building a career – not a life. The closest we get to learning the tools we need; to help build up everything else other than a career is the electives we have the opportunity to choose. And if we’re being honest, at 15 you’re just choosing the classes your friends are in, not thinking about how one day you will need to know how to cook a meal for yourself, change a tire, save money, buy a home, file your taxes, understand credit, loans and mortgages… UGH the list truly goes on! 

When it comes “adulting” we seem to like the idea of tossing our young adults into the deep end without any arm floats or life vests. Just the voices of cheerleaders on the sidelines screaming “SWIM!!” As you flap your arms around and kick your legs frantically barely keeping yourself a float. WELCOME TO ADULT HOOD! 

I want to say I’m here to toss you a life saver, but unfortunately I choose the name of this blog very carefully… I am just as lost as you! Rather, I’m not standing with the crowd screaming “SWIM!” I’m crouching down on the opposite side of the pool, politely yelling tips, pointers and lessons to help you stay afloat. 

My husband and I spend our time building our “empire” as we like to call it while still ensuring we make time to travel to as many places in the world possible. At 26 I have already bought and sold my first home, bought my second home with my NOW husband…that’s right I also had my dream wedding, have travelled to Europe multiple times, Asia, Mexico, USA and got the dog I have wanted for years and years! My goal is to share our adventures, travel tips and adulating tips for the young adult in today’s time. A blog by a Canadian but for any young person around the world!

I look forward to sharing with you all!

Love Holland